Hi, my name is Eleanor, and I have inky fingers.

I’ve written quite a number of these posts over the years, because when I’m invested in something, I want to blog about it. I love connecting with the community of people who love the same thing I do, and blogging – alongside social media – is one of the main ways I do that.

Most of my previous blogging has been for video games; I’ve always been a keen gamer (both tabletop games and the electronic variety) and in the past I’ve written a few popular blogs and fansites for various games I’ve been involved in. These days I’m happy to read other people’s words about games; all of mine seem to be about pens and ink!

Like so many, I’ve been a stationery addict for most of my life and I’ve dabbled in the fountain pen hobby on and off for years in a disorganised and not-very-educated way. Then a couple of years ago I saw a friend posting ink swatches for 30 Inks in 30 Days, I was reminded to haul out my pens and ink, and then there was no turning back.

These days I spend most of my effort on my ink collection; I’m relatively conservative about buying new pens, but ink is my terrible weakness.

So welcome to Exquisition! Here you’ll find ink swatches, pen reviews, deep dives, happy snaps of new acquisitions, my opinions about good paper, and more. I hope you enjoy!

A selection of ink bottles from various brands arranged in storage.